University of Cambridge Buddhist Chaplain

Dr Rachael Harris

bottom left, with three Thai monks, a previous President of the C.U. Buddhist Society and a Sri Lankan supporter

I have been a Buddhist for more than 30 years and practise and teach meditation in the Samatha Trust, a British Theravadin tradition.

I run short courses in mindfulness and meditation open to students from any college. These lead on to an ongoing weekly group for those who wish.

If you are looking for advice or someone to talk to about Buddhism and Buddhist practice, get in touch. If I cannot help you myself, I will probably know someone who can.

Email: rmh1001
Telephone: 01223 335124


Not doing harm
Undertaking what is good
And purifying the heart
This is the teaching of the Buddhas
Dhammapada 183

'Do not go by tradition... or by what you have heard (or read), or by what the scriptures say... or by the thought, 'This is our guru'. But when you know for yourselves, 'These things when followed... lead to harm and unhappiness', then avoid doing them... When you know for yourselves, 'These things when followed... lead to well-being and happiness, do them.'
Kalama Sutta, Anguttara Nikaya 3.66